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Birla Institute of Management Technology

The fully residential campus of Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) located in National Capital Region is one of the top MBA colleges to study in India. It provides a highly conducive academic environment, interaction with hard working and industry-academia mix professors, proximity to the strategy makers of the industry and practitioners of the service and manufacturing companies, exposure to the international universities and companies, and a ready profile of strong alumni base spread through out the world. Among business school rankings BIMTECH makes it to the elite bracket.
Birla Institute of Management Technology was established in 1988 under the aegis of the Birla Academy of Art and Culture, and supported by Birla group of companies. Dr. (Smt.) Sarala Birla, chairperson of Birla Academy and Syt. B K Birla, chairperson of B K Birla Group of companies are the founders of the business school. The Board of Governors is comprised of eminent people from industry and headed by Smt Jayashree Mohta, Vice Chairperson, Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata.

BIMTECH is mini India in its formation every year. It has students coming almost from all the states of India, and also from few foreign countries. BIMTECH is like a school where international business endeavors are also made. Its mix of nationalities, cultural backgrounds, academic and professional experiences make BIMTECH one of the most exciting and enriching business schools in the country. Its long belief to prepare global managers who have cross cultural training has become a practice of the globe today.

India is indicating for strong economy and DELHI (National Capital Region) is the trigger of this growth. The industrial and economic policies framed here, industrial associations meet, and CEOs evenings are all realities here and not media news. This is also one of the cultural convergence centres of India for both national and international. A location of such importance is always an asset for exposure to the real life learning and developing national and global networking. You are very well in reach; Greater Noida is hardly few miles away.

To become an extraordinary personality, you need an extraordinary Institution. BIMTECH has shown an extraordinary growth in the country in last five years.


The mission is to transform the students’ future by creating opportunity for them. Centre for business management have been offering post graduate diploma in management for the last twenty five years. The programme is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India) in 1993 and is also accredited by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for equivalence with an MBA. The programme helps students to acquire not only new skills, techniques and knowledge of key business areas, such as, Strategic Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Business Ethics and HR, but also to integrate and interlink these concepts to an enterprise level.In order to attain this goal, we combine a rich stimulating environment, experienced faculty and unparalleled corporate connections where students, managers and researchers come together with latest business thinking and engage with industry, society and academia. A diversified student body that comes to BIMTECH from all states of India enhances learning. BIMTECH is proud of its links with other well-known business schools worldwide. The PGDM students are also benefited from our state-of-the-art management learning laboratory with online resources and database.

PGDM curricula have been developed keeping in mind business and management with a strong emphasis on the practical aspects of management and on sharing life experiences keeping ethics with values paramount. The curricula are revised almost every year in response to dynamic changes in the business environment. We seek guidance from leading industry professionals and academicians in this regard. We provide team and partnership spirit in order to inculcate entrepreneurship and leadership skills in our students in their pursuit of personal, social and professional values and creativity while on their journey towards actualising their potential.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management has demonstrated its excellence in fulfilling its objective of the Business and Social community in education, research and consultancy in all the functional areas of management. CBM strives to train students to be capable executives equipped with the skills and knowledge of management and also nurture them to be good human beings.

The core culture of the Institute to build the confidence, courage, knowledge, transparency, and good practices is imbibed by all the departments. Thus, all the associates including faculty, students and alumni contribute to establish excellence in all walks of life. The constant updating of the courses and also the re-structuring of the curriculum as per the industry standards is a regular practice for obtaining the best fit in the present knowledge economy. Students are trained to achieve flexibility in thinking in order to select optimally from among several options under severe time pressure.

The Centre follows the fundamental principle of partnership with the business community.

To realize this mission, it has the support of excellent industry interaction for real time learning and sharing of practices.

PGDM (International Business)

PGDM (IB) gets AIU Equivalence

In an era where all businesses are global, the gradual integration of Indian economy with the global economy is now an irreversible process. This calls for professionals who are well equipped to handle the new demands of industry in leading their businesses towards this direction successfully.The International Business programme in BIMTECH strives to prepare the students for a successful and rewarding career in the field of international business and groom them so that they eventually develop into credible international business professionals.

The course content and the activities have been so designed as to help the students understand the complexities of international business operations and equip them with the knowledge base to deal with these complexities. Students are also trained on identifying opportunities in the area of international business and explore them. Mandatory study visits to national/international ports/ airports is an integral part of the course.

The International Business Programme is spread over six terms to impart the ability and skill to communicate, analyze business situations and take decisions. The programme offers specialization in three areas: Marketing, Finance and Operations.


The aim of the Centre for Insurance and Risk Management (CIRM) of BIMTECH is to turn out insurance management executives who can, so to say, hit the track running.

To achieve this objective, we offer cutting edge curricula. Among the recently introduced changes are a course on business analysis, study of advanced risk management (including enterprise risk management), micro finance, micro insurance and micro health insurance. This is, of course, besides the conventional insurance subjects both in life and non-life, as well as reinsurance. The course is spread over six trimesters with a two month’s summer internship assignment between the first and second year.

Besides, students are taught the elements of Actuarial Science, Marketing, Finance, CRM, OB & HR and Personal Financial Planning (Wealth Management).

Rounding off the personality traits of the students is accomplished by focused training in soft skills, corporate visits and industry based projects.

The Centre has the following recognitions / tie ups:

Life Office Management Association (LOMA), USA, is BIMTECH’s educational partner and BIMTECH is an approved centre for LOMA examination. Quite a few of the life insurance subjects taught at BIMTECH are based on the LOMA curriculum.

The Two year PGDM (Insurance Business) has been recognized as according recognition by way of credit by the Insurance Institute of India (III), Mumbai.
The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), UK has accorded recognition (by way of credits) to our PGDM (Insurance Business) course.
BIMTECH is an academic partner to the International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada (IIBA). Insurance students are taught Business Analysis and are eligible for international certification from IIBA.

Program Objectives

  • To provide adequate knowledge base levels as required by the financial service industry.
  • To prepare professionals for entry level managerial positions in the changing business environment.
  • To provide exposure in technical, commercial and practical skills to be applied in the work environment.
  • To provide a platform to interact with industry experts for experiential learning.
  • To assist students in qualifying for LOMA, CII (U.K.) and III Certifications

At the end of the course, the student will be able to –
Appreciate the need for professional services in the insurance sector

  • Appreciate market linkages
  • Explain various insurance products
  • Explain the insurance processes including actuarial and reinsurance process
  • Demonstrate communication skills and presentation
  • Demonstrate selling skills
  • Demonstrate relationship management skills
  • Have the clear understanding of the Financial Service Industry

PGDM (Retail)

The Centre for Retail is an initiative to educate future managers and empower them with the knowledge to contribute substantially to the retail industry’s growth in India. It strives to create a new generation of smart retail professional of international caliber and aims to equip them with the best practices being followed across the globe.
The programme strives to give the best intellectual inputs through varied teaching methodology and has been instrumental in inculcating awareness in every student of the following:

  • Basic retailing and merchandising concepts.
  • Exhaustive theoretical knowledge to ensure understanding of the dynamics of modern organized retail trade.
  • Modern techniques and practices of retaining being widely used by retailers a 4round the world to understand the facts changing general consumer market.
  • Hands on projects in mall/retail organizations.
  • Capability to incorporate the class room teaching in actual work environment and effective decision making.
  • Enhanced interpersonal and communication skills.


The pedagogy adopted by the PGDM (RM) is a blend of academics as well as practical applications. The class room teaching includes sessions by learned faculty members who are known for their dedication to teaching and research, and possess considerable industry experience and have developed close ties to the national and international academic and business community. The practical application part is taken care of by the case studies and projects at different stages of the two year programme, while close interaction with industry gives students a first hand experience of the corporate world. The students are also subjected to simulation games, quizzes, role plays, etc to develop analytical and decision-making capabilities.

As a part of the academic activity, Centre for Retail conducts various workshops, guest lectures, panel discussions and seminars. Experts from industry visit the institute and offer their valuable insights and opinions on current relevant topics. In order to supplement the various theories acquired in the classroom by the students, for simultaneous understanding and application, students are taken to various industries and given short- term projects allied to these industries.

Students actively participate in various activities organized by the Institutes’ Clubs including the Debating Society, Cultural Club, E-Cell (Entrepreneurs’ Cell) etc, They are also sent to participate in seminars and conferences organized outside BIMTECH enabling them to acquire relevant knowledge about the market and management issues through interactions with industry.

Salient Features of Pedagogy

Course Reading Material

Pre-course reading materials which are in the form of text books, cases, articles etc. is made available to all participants in advance. Participants are expected to spend 8 to 10 hours per week studying these materials before they come for classes each term. Online assessments are also incorporated in the program to ensure academic rigor.


Lectures one of the best teaching methods in many circumstances for most of the students; especially for communicating conceptual knowledge are used as an important pedagogy tool. Faculties use audio-visual teaching aids like OHP, overhead LCD projection systems, etc. to enhance the learning among students.

Industry Speakers/Visits
An integral part of the PGDM (RM) is the speaker series and visits that are regularly organized throughout the course. Talks by industry leaders and visits to various industries in India and other countries during the programme are organized to complement classroom learning and bring in a practical perspective to management theories.


Simulations are also used as an important tool to help maximize classroom learning as the decisions that the participants face in these simulations replicate the kind of decisions they would face in their own organizations.

Case Method

Case studies intend to detail different solutions scenarios with quantitative results. Faculty encourages risk-taking behaviors and facilitates students in developing pro-active responses while facing innovative managerial issues. Students’ opinions are shared and confronted; the decision-making process is made a part of the student’s mindset.

Role Play

Role playing is a method for exploring the issues involved in complex business situations. The objective of introducing role plays is to teach students to think Role playing gives students a chance to live the roles and practice the concepts before hand. A spirit of innovation, achievement and an intellectual group of students working together with commitment towards global excellence is the essence of the BIMTECH way of learning.

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars/workshops introduce state-of-the-art ideas and easy-to-learn techniques that assist students in accelerating their individual growth both professionally and individually. Seminars improve students’ presentation skills in persuading, educating, and informing. These highly interactive workshops are frequently conducted. Students also undergo seminars which are highly participatory and learning oriented.

Comprehensive Viva-Voce

At the end of Terms I, II comprehensive viva-voce examination is conducted to test the knowledge of candidates in totality, including linkages of concepts drawn from different areas and their practical application.

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