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In the words of IMT President Shri. Kamal Nath “The world is shrinking. The corporate world even more so. Economies across the globe are rapidly integrating into a mega world economy. In this era of strategic alliances, joint ventures and unpredictable market conditions cross-cultural capabilities combined with visionary leadership are requisites for worldwide Corporates. Clearly the need of the hour is LEADERS with a global perspective on economic, technological, cultural and political interfaces with business.”

IMT grooms its students with this objective into leaders who are adaptable, flexible and sensitive to the cross-cultural context of business. Students are made aware of their social responsibility in all IMT’s PGDM programmes.

IMT Ghaziabad’s permanent faculty are all respected professionals who have been recognised and globally rewarded for their achievements in their respective fields. Many of them are internationally acclaimed scholars who lead executive programmes at IMT and are strongly focused on synthesizing partnerships with global institutes.

In keeping with internationally acclaimed leading business schools, IMT has a uniquely vibrant student exchange programme. It provides students with opportunities to work on joining research and consulting projects with their peers from international institutes.

PGDM Programmes
Introduction – IMT Ghaziabad has been consistently reinventing management education with the objective of creating management leaders who can navigate the ever-changing business landscape. The curriculum is constantly updated to meet the dynamic needs of industry and academia.

This provides an opportunity to continuously engage in innovating curricula by envisaging current and emerging challenges and opportunities in the business environment. To incorporate the contemporary academic and practice concepts, the curriculum design and delivery process is dynamic in nature. In accordance with this, the latest revision was implemented in 2012-13. The curriculum is aligned with the institute’s academic philosophy of Global Breadth, India Depth.

IMT Ghaziabad offers following 2 years PGDM full time Programmes –
PGDM (Full-Time)
PGDM (Marketing)
PGDM (Finance)
PGDM (Dual Country Programme)-DCP Read more…

The first year for all 2 year PGDM Programme(s) commences in June every year continuing to March in the following year. In the first week of April, students go for internship and they join back in mid-June for the second academic year which culminates in March of the following year. The courses offered in the first year, divided into four terms, are compulsory for all the students. In the second year, divided into three terms, all students undertake compulsory core courses and opt for specialization courses according to different areas of specialization. There are 28 compulsory core and 14 specialization courses spread across two years.

The specialization courses have been streamlined to address the overlap in content with existing courses and to keep alacrity with the contemporary practices. To meet the industry requirements of cross functional expertise, the institute has identified the following five broad tracks of specializations. The tracks along with their focus are enumerated in Table below-

Tracks of Specialization

Tracks of Specialization Focus
Sales, Marketing and Business Development (SMBD) Sales and Marketing
Finance and Banking (F&B) Finance and Banking
Human Resource (HR) Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior; and Business Communication
Solutions and Consulting (S&C) Operations and Information Technology Management
Strategy Economics, Strategy and International Business
Analytics Analytics

For the PGDM (Marketing) Programme, the mandatory track is Sales, Marketing and Business Development (SMBD)

For the PGDM (Finance) Programme, the mandatory track is Finance and Banking (F&B)

For the PGDM (Full-Time) Programme and PGDM (Dual Country Programme) any of the above stated tracks can be chosen.

At the end of the first four terms, each student undertakes a Summer Internship Project (SIP) for 8 weeks or a Long Summer Internship Project (LSIP) for 20 weeks with a company. Students opting for LSIP are categorized as ‘thesis track’ (as they have a thesis requirement based upon their LSIP project), while the other students are categorized as ‘non thesis track’ students. The thesis track students are exempt from taking specialization courses offered in the term five of the programme. However, the compulsory core courses offered in the term five are repeated for LSIP students in term seven. The credits for LSIP-thesis are equivalent to the total credits of the exempted courses.

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